What Is The Root Chakra?

What is The Root Chakra?
root chakra
The Root Chakra is the first of the seven main chakras in your body. It is the foundation of the energy in your body and is located at the base of your spine. Sitting on the ground creates a physical connection between the energy in one's body and the earth beneath you. In Sanskrit, the word for Root Chakra is  Muladhara which, once broken down is translated to "Root" and "Base".
Visually, The Root Chakra is represented by a red lotus flower with four petals. Each of these petals represents the four earth elements - fire, water, earth and air. Together these elements form the physical world. 
The Root Chakra represents our foundation, and  grounds you to stability in life. It can govern our survival instincts, feelings of security and our feelings of safety. This also includes food, water and shelter.
When this chakra is balanced it allows you to feel connected to yourself on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. It allows you to feel secure and safe in the world around you. This is why when The Root Chakra gets blocked it leads to feelings of insecurity, anxiety and fear. This can result in frustration, lethargy and even insomnia. A blocked root chakra can even manifest digestive issues and aches and pain in the body. 
The Root Chakra can become unbalanced and blocked due to fear and various forms of trauma. This can happen during transitional times in your life such as changes in relationship statuses, moving home, financial problems, unexpected health issues and other stress-inducing situations that shake your inner stability. 
Physically The Root Chakra is associated with your adrenal glands, spine, pelvis, prostate, blood, bones, legs, feet, and large intestine. Therefore it is important to try to balance this chakra as this can cause negative physical manifestations within your physical body.
You can help to ground your root chakra by walking barefoot which creates a connection to nature through the ground, visualisation whilst meditating, yoga, aromatherapy, crystal therapies, and sound therapy. 
At Myste we offer beautifully crafted Root Chakra Candles and Root Chakra Room Diffusers to help bring balance to your Root Chakra. We also offer free sound therapies created to help you during meditation, times of concentration or even just to relax.

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